Sometimes the loops formed in solving an initial problem lay the groundwork to address a bigger one

Prospective customers are becoming product users much earlier in the customer journey. As a result, teams and tools are overlapping more than ever.

A depiction of a possible customer journey as it traditionally takes place—mostly outside the product
Just an example of one possible journey, of course.

Product design today lets builders go faster and further than ever—how did this happen and what comes next?

Design eating code in the style of pac-man
Nom Nom

At the time, coding was indispensable

If you’ve never seen this screen, you haven’t lived.

Good product design — based on user research — ensures you build the right product

  • Founders/builders/future-self: this is a starting point for building a product.
  • Product designers: if working with a founder who doesn’t understand the value…

Google maps result, with ads

Brands have a huge need for local-digital marketing, yet still face surprisingly big challenges

Andrew Jones

Product manager. Former industry analyst. Interested in UXR, product design, and product management.

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